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№ 2019/3

Innovative transformations of the economic development

TIMCHENKO Oleksandr 1, NEBRAT Viktoriia 2, LIEHR Viktor 3, BYKONIA Oleksandr 4, DUBAS Yurii 5

1Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine
2Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine
3Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine
4Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine
5Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine

Organizational and economic determinants of digital energy development in Ukraine

Ekon. prognozuvannâ 2019; 3:78-100https://doi.org/10.15407/eip2019.03.078


This article concerns digitalization of the energy industry in Ukraine. The authors review the evolutionary aspect of the gradual convergence of ITC and energy technologies and identify the key features and trends in digital transformation of Ukrainian economy. The international experience and the emerging global cooperation in energy digitalization are analyzed. Overall, the energy digitization is discovered to be a universal trend among the most prominent economies despite different prerequisites, interests, and factors concerned. It is shown that the progress in the formation of the intelligent energy supply systems depends on a number of factors. Unique features of specific subtasks that arise during digital transformation of energy industry are analyzed.
The article proposes consideration of the technological platform as a business model for digital development of infrastructure industries. The authors analyze the European experience in the formation and development of technology platforms as a basic tool for implementing innovation policy, economic growth of strategically important industries and technological development of the European Union countries. The potential and role of technological platforms in the process of digitalization of energy are determined. A structure of technological platform suited for the formation and development of the intelligent energy system in Ukraine is proposed. The main tasks and priorities of functioning of the domestic technological platform in the process of digitalization of domestic energy are determined. An organizational and economic mechanism for the formation of the intellectual energy system of Ukraine is developed.

Keywords: digital energy, technological convergence, smart energy systems, ICT, technological platforms

JEL: L50, O32, O33, Q49

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