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Eкономіка і прогнозування

The scientific journal “Economy and forecasting” was published from September 2000 to June 2023 – ISSN 1605-7988 (Print Ukrainian), ISSN 2518-7449 (Online), since 2019 it was also published in English as “Economy and forecasting” (parallel translation of the Ukrainian version) – ISSN 2663-6557 (Print English), covering the following topics:

▪ strategic forecasts regarding the prospects for the development of the economy, science, technology, technologies, ways and methods of solving the problems of social, market and institutional transformations and the functioning of the new economic model;

▪ economic-mathematical methods and forecasting models;

▪ research of market conditions, structural changes, socio-economic dynamics;

▪ problems of innovative transformations and prospects for innovation and investment development;

▪ coverage of current issues of economic policy with specific recommendations.

 Since 2015, all scientific publications of the journal have been given digital DOI identifiers, and the journal has entered the database of the CrossRef Agency. The digital identifier of the Ukrainian version of the journal “Economy and forecasting” is 10.15407/eip and the English version of “Economy and forecasting” is 10.15407/econforecast.

The journal “Economics and Forecasting” was included in the “B” category of the List of Scientific and Professional Publications of Ukraine:

  • from 03/17/2020 – economic sciences, specialty 051 – order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 03/17/2020 No. 409;
  • from 07/02/2020 – economic sciences, specialties 051, 072, 073, 281, 292 – order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 07/02/2020 No. 886

From the second half of 2023the scientific journalі, published by the State Organization  “Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine” – “Economy of Ukraine” and “Economy and Forecasting” – are united.” Currently, the combined magazine is published under the general name “Economics of Ukraine”, covering also the topics of the magazine “Economics and Forecasting”.

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